Happy Birthday, Colombia!
By Donnel Jones, July 20, 2003
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Tomorrow, July 20th, Colombia celebrates the 193rd anniversary of its declaration of independence from Spain. This anniversary marks a crucial observance because the Colombian people are facing a threat to that very independence, to the sovereignty ("una Nación soberana") by forces that hate constitutional democracy, the rule of law, and the great tradition of the West that the Spanish speaking world, no less than the English- speaking one, has inherited.

Contrary to the still fashionable condemnation of observing the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' European discovery of what could only be called the "New World," it is, I hope, not a passing fashion for the Colombian people to re-embrace their patriotism and heritage, and recognize that what they have is worth preserving, that what they have and must cherish is worth the terrible sacrifice they have endured and suffered for so long and which will not have been in vain, one prays, under the leadership of Alvaro Uribe Vélez, a leader they have needed for a very long time.

A sizeable amount of the Latin American people, and their Lefty allies in "El Norte," will condemn these words as "imperialistic," or, at the very least, culturally insensitive to the "Other." Let me just say, by way of a Bush-like pre-emptive strike, that Marxism or any of its variants have not done the mestizaje any good and will only lead them into renewed slavery if successfully introduced by what could only become a tyrannical and extremely oppressive rule. An independent Colombia can have health care and other entitlement programs, unlike the more individualistic United States, but at least it will have something called a Republic, the rule of law, a free press, and other constitutional liberties utterly foreign in, say, Castro's long-outdated Cuba. And the guerrillas are vile. Their current shenanigans are insinuating themselves in Uribe's request for U.N. aid in solving Colombia's internal conflict.

Colombia's survival is absolutely central to Latin America's survival. The black hole of a Marxist dictatorship in Colombia or, at the very least, the continued insecurity of a beleaguered people suffering the enormous stress of uncertainty for their future, would destabilize the entire region. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Perhaps Bolivar's dream of a centralized Latin American republic will come true, at least in part, with the sovereign nations of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world united in free trade with the United States. This hoped-for state of affairs would be every Leftist's nightmare, but what better way to secure the prosperity of all nations involved and in a way that could check the power of the United States whose economy would become more inextricably entwined with Latin America's? Like it or not, globalization, or something approximating it, will work better than tariffs and micro-managed governments. Or, for that matter, Marxist regimes that now seem pretty much unlikely. That is, if Uribe and the Colombian people win this war on their own soil and still have something worth celebrating as they do tomorrow.

Colombia must fight its insurgents who will only destroy that nation's great history and heritage. They have already been responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths. The Colombian people deserve their liberation from this threat and have an outstanding leader in Mr. Uribe for that purpose. He is, after all, a leader who has the courage to move his government temporarily from Bogota to Arauca, a dangerous region often beset by insurrectionist violence. This maneuver was obviously a preparation for the Colombian people's celebration. What a master stroke! A man after my own heart.

Here is a link to the basic history of Colombia. Naturally, all websurfers can find their own resources on-line. Civil war is nothing new to Colombia. May the war against La Violencia be the last civil war for the Colombians.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Colombia!

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