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"Iran U.N. Protest 2005" to rally in New York on Wednesday
SMCCDI (Information Service), September 13, 2005
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Iranian secularist opposition groups are gathering, in New York, to protest against the presence of the Islamic regime's President at the United Nations. These groups are forming the "Iran UN Protest 2005" (IUNP2005) Coalition which includes the National-Secular Party, Iran Society, Marzeporgohar Party, Alliance of Iranians (TX), National Iranian Congress, Social-Democrats, Iranian Council, Free-Thinkers, Pan-Iranist, Iran of Tomorrow and the SMCCDI as the main organizer of the action.

Activists and members of IUNP2005 are flying or driving from several North American and European cities, such as, Dallas, Los Angeles, Paris and Toronto in order to be present at the rally which is scheduled from 09:00 AM till 05:00 PM (US EST) on September 14th.

The event will be taking place at the "Dag Hammarskjold Plaza" which is located by the UN at the junction of 1st Ave and 47th East. The entry to the park is allowed only from doors located at the junction of 2nd Ave and 47th East

The regime's secularist opponents are intending to denounce, in a common voice, the presence of Mahmood Ahmadinejad as the self proclaimed 'symbol of Iranian Nation' and the persistent human rights' abuses by his illegitimate and unpopular regime which is usurping the Iranian People's Chair at the UN.

Ahamdinejad was also part of the Islamic commnado group which stormed the US Embassy in Tehran and took 52 American diplomats as hostage for 444 days.

Several dozens of Iranian supporters are expected to join them due to an active media campaign made, in the last three weeks, on the popular Persian speaking NITV and KRSI. Tens of American supporters are also expected to join as several advertisements have been published about the event in the today's local newspapers, such as, the New York Post and the New York Sun.

Several other Iranian groups, such as, the "National Council of Resistance" which is the political umbrella of the Marxist-Islamist Mojahedin of People (MKO or MEK) group are also going to protest the same day. Their leadership intends to use the occasion in order to claim popularity and to request from the US State Dept. to remove their terrorist label. In that line, various invented names, such as, "New York Committee Against Ahmadinejad" or the self called "Iranian Americans of Texas" or "Iranian Americans of California" are used to attract more Americans and to help the organization to reach its goals.

Many Iranians had hoped, till the last minute, that the controversial group would have learned from its mistakes and would have avoided using such symbolic day for its well known unpopular goal of imposing itself as a viable alternative for the future of Iran.



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