Haifa Bomber Kills 4 Israeli Arabs, Children, etc.
By Andrew L. Jaffee, October 7, 2003
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How are the terrorism apologists -- like the "International Solidarity Movement" (ISM) -- going to rationalize Sunday's vicious Palestinian homicide bombing in Haifa, Israel? The ISM claims that a "suicide operation" is "noble" and "Palestinians too should use any means necessary" in their "resistance" to Israel. These aren't my words, they are the words of terrorism apologists and supporters. Read their words for yourself.

The bomber, who specifically targeted Haifa because this Israeli city is a model for Arab/Jewish coexistence, killed 4 Arabs, children, parents, grandparents... Do the "ends justify the means?" What "cause" justifies such tactics? Was this evil act "noble?" These "tactics" prove that Palestinian terrorists are not interested in peace or Jewish/Arab coexistence. Many apologists for Palestinian terrorism try to equate Israeli self-defence with terrorists' specific targeting of Israeli civilians.

In a fair, carefully thought-out, and well-documented essay, author Yagil Henkin has proved that such equation is patently false. Henkin discussed the so-called Jenin "massacre," which turned out in truth to be solely an anti-terrorist military operation:

The picture that emerges is strikingly different from the images that filled the press in the weeks after the clash: Not only was there no massacre of innocents in the Jenin refugee camp, but in the vast majority of cases IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] soldiers took unusual measures-even at the risk of their own safety-to prevent harm to the camp's civilian population. These efforts, I will show, were not simply isolated acts of restraint. They were the result of decisions made by both the military command and the civilian leadership as part of a deliberate policy aimed at keeping civilian casualties to a minimum. The IDF followed these orders nearly to the letter, even though they significantly complicated fighting in a residential area, and despite the fact that other armies-even the most "enlightened" among them-have rarely shown such a level of concern for civilian populations in time of war.

Israel is a country with a long democratic tradition. That in itself should mean something to enlightened people everywhere. Israel has perhaps the best and strongest military in the world. It could defeat the combined forces of the entire Arab world. It has already done so (remember the wars of 1948, 1967, and 1973?). If Israel were a "Nazi" or "Apartheid" state, do you think there would be a West Bank and Gaza Strip today?

Today, I'll leave you with the words of Israeli Arab victims and survivors of Sunday's horrific bombing. Anything else I could say would be superfluous:

In Haifa's predominantly Arab neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas, hundreds of residents packed into a Catholic Church as the community came to bury two of their sons.

Family members gathered around two plain wooden coffins holding the bodies of Osama Najar, 28, and Mutanis Kerkabi, 32, as Bishop Gregorius Hadad, clad in long black robes and clutching a large red cross intoned the prayers.

``This attack did not differentiate between Jews or Arabs, the young or old, the rich or poor,'' Hadad said, addressing the mourners above the wails of the women and the chiming of small bells.

Both Najar and Kerkabi were working at the restaurant when the bomber struck.

Najar, the cook, had loved his workplace for being a symbol of coexistence between Jews and Arabs. ``He loved the place, there had always been love between Jews and Arabs,'' said Jamal Khouri, a friend, who used to play poker with Najar.

Other mourners talked of the despair of the parents who had to bury their children. ``Last night I saw Mutanis's mother and she was just dying; she said her heart and soul had been taken from here,'' said William Mansour, one of the worshippers.

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